Digital Address System Inaugurated in Bischoftu City

Digital Address System Inaugurated in Bischoftu City, Advancing Ethiopia's Digital Economy

The Digital Address System (eDAS) of Bishoftu City, designed to support the digital economy and foster urban modernization, has been officially commissioned and made available for use by the Space Science and Geospatial Institute.

During the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Belete Molla, the Minister of Innovation and Technology, handed over the digital address system to the Bishoftu city administration. Dr. Belete emphasized that the government is actively working on a strategy to build the digital economy, with digital ID, electronic services (e-services), and the development of the digital address system serving as key demonstrations. The minister underscored the importance of having an address system for building a digital economy. The eDAS is currently being implemented in 73 cities across Ethiopia.

Mr. Abdisa Yilma, the Director-General of the Space Science and Geospatial Institute, announced plans to extend the digital address system initiated by the Bishoftu city administration to all parts of Ethiopia in the future. Abissa urged city administrations to leverage the experience gained in Bishoftu and make necessary arrangements for implementing the project in various cities, emphasizing the significant effort and commitment required for developing city address systems.

Mr. Alemayehu Assefa, the Mayor of Bishoftu City Administration, commended the Institute for introducing the digital address system as a demonstration in Bishoftu City. He expressed confidence that it would greatly streamline the city administration’s efforts, ensuring efficient public services for the benefit of the residents.

The Space Science and Geospatial Institute is currently finalizing the digital address system for Adama City, in addition to completing the project for Bishoftu City. Recently, the Addis Ababa City Administration signed a memorandum of understanding and put it into operation.

The inauguration of the digital address system took place in the presence of federal and regional leaders, mayors, and officials from Bishoftu, along with invited guests.

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