SSGI Takes Center Stage at Aviation Expo: Showcasing Innovations, Commitment to International Aerospace Standards, and Collaborative Initiatives

The expo introduced the combined services of the aviation industry and geospatial services. Projects currently underway at the Aerospace Technology Center were presented, emphasizing the commitment to establishing an international-standard aerospace engineering sector in Ethiopia. SSGI, collaborating with other institutes, stands as one of the organizers of the Aviation Expo.

To kick off the expo, SSGI showcased its products and services. Mr. Abdisa Yilma, the Director-General of the institute, elaborated on the ongoing works in the aviation sector, addressing the participants and honored guests.

On display at the expo were drone projects, integral to the aerospace engineering sector at SSGI, along with the machines used in their manufacture. In the rapidly advancing aviation industry, the Ethio Space Kids club (ESKC), with the institute’s support, presented creative works under the theme of encouraging the future generation.

At the aviation innovation expo, the Honorable Mr. Tagese Thafo, Speaker of the Federal House of People’s Representatives, underscored the event’s significance in showcasing the contributions of innovations in the sector and the promising activities currently underway. He highlighted, ‘Let’s not forget that the expo, initially presented at the federal level, will be expanded to regional and city administrations.’ The Speaker also assured that the government would provide appropriate support and assistance for this expansion.

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