Advancing Geospatial Information: SSGI’s National Action Plan Workshop on UN-GGIM Implementation

Addis Ababa May 25, 2022
The Space Science and Geospatial Institute (SSGI) has prepared a National Action Plan (CAP) document to implement the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (UN-GGIM) and is holding discussions with key stakeholders at the Capital Hotel. The discussion will last for two consecutive days from May 25-26, 2022.
At the opening ceremony of the workshop, Minister of State for Innovation and Technology Baysa Bedada(PhD) give an opening speech and expressed his best wishes for the success of the discussion.
Mr. Berihu Alemayehu, the head of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Center of the institute, explained the main objective of the workshop based on the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework Work prepared by the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM). He stated that today’s discussion forum has been prepared for quick implementation after preparing an implementation plan and discussing it with the stakeholders.


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