Radio Astronomy Training

April 25-26

Date: April 25-26
    Dr. James .C
    Dr. Kamlesh .R
    Dr. Dharam .V
    Dr. Seblu Humne
    Ms. Hawi Yohannis

We will provide online training for master’s, PhD, and other radio astronomy interested students at Space Science and Geospatial institutes. Furthermore, the trainers are delivering the course online from various locations. Furthermore, the trainers are delivering the course online from various locations.

This program is organized by SSGI astronomy and astrophysics research department( Ms Hawi yohanis and Dr. Seblu Humne) in collaboration with center Astrophysics Harvard & Smithsonian university in Harvard, SKAO south Africa, and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India.

The main goal of this training is:

  • To create the International-wide coordination of Radio Astronomy and the fostering of communication and dissemination of space science and astronomical knowledge among professional astronomers between SSGI and different organization.

  • To increase the number of researchers in space science and Astronomy between SSGI and national-wide and others.

  • To expanding the scope of scientific research in the field of Radio Astronomy and related fields.

  • Build collaboration to local, regional as well as international research Institutes and universities.

  • Promotes broad interest in astronomy, which enhances science literacy and leads many to careers in science and engineering.

After reviewing the applicants, we will update the links for attending.

Registration link :

  1. Kaba Begna says

    This is very interesting program.If it is possible to get the chance to attend the training. I hope, we will increase the knowledge regarding to radio astronomy.specialy Astrophysicist.

    1. ermyas says

      Please communicate the facilitators:
      Dr seblu & Ms hawi : +251 932 487 546, +251 922 598 587

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